Review: Tweed – TWD Lot #2

  • Strain: Tweed – TWD Lot #2
  • Paid: $9.00 per gram
  • Type: Indica
  • Ratio: THC 19.8 % / CBD <0.07 %
  • Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene & Myrcene & Pinene
  • Cannatrice Rating: 60% (60/100)

Effects + Experience: 30/50
TWD Lot #2 gave me an experience akin to filing my taxes. Boring. I had high expectations for this strain based on other reviews I have read, but after ordering from two separate batches, I am left feeling fully underwhelmed. Despite the higher THC level, the cerebral and body effects are minimal. I feel that I need to use a lot more than usual to get my desired effects. The moderate high fades into a sleepy, tired feeling, thanks to the high myrcene content. I don’t need help with sleeping, so I didn’t really appreciate this side effect. Those who do use cannabis as a sleep aid may appreciate this strain more than I do, so I’m being generous with the scoring with that in mind. Due to the higher THC content, I don’t recommend this strain for beginners. I also don’t recommend this for the advanced, avid user. Other than those who need help sleeping, I don’t really know who to recommend this strain to. TWD Lot #2 is ok, but it’s unfortunately a “miss” for me.

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 23/40
TWD Lot #2 buds are somewhere between dry and wet, erring to the dry side and are airy to the touch. The earth green buds are laced with amber pistils and sparkling trichomes. It looks nice, but the scent and taste is where we see an unfortunate downturn. If you’ve ever had the spot at the campfire where the wind keeps vaulting plumes of smoke into your lungs, you know what it’s like to smoke (or even vape) TWD Lot #2. It tastes and feels like straight up campfire to the lungs when smoked. When vaped, the buds produced a thick, smoky vapour that tastes harsh and spicy. The vapour causes me to cough every time, which is pretty unusual for me. It has a harsh, woody smell with some hints of pine. In a blind smell test, I rated TWD Lot #2 last out of four strains (Sour Tangie, Birds Eye, Sour Kush, and TWD Lot #2).

Cost: 7/10
For $9.00 per gram, I feel that my money could go further for an indica-dominant strain.

What I like:
+ If I had troubles with sleeping, this strain could be beneficial due to the higher myrcene content.

What I don’t like:
– There isn’t much to be desired with the taste/scent profile.
– It lacks potency for a high-THC, mid-priced indica strain.
– It makes me really sleepy and is not suitable for daytime use.


Review: Tweed – Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush)

  • Strain: Tweed – Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush)
  • Paid: $6.00 per gram
  • Type: Indica
  • Ratio: THC 19.0 % / CBD <0.07 %
  • Main Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene
  • Cannatrice Rating: 84% (84/100)

Effects + Experience: 44/50
Bakerstreet is overall fairly functional in lower doses and has positive effects on my focus and mood. It is certainly relaxing and great for pain, especially menstrual cramps and sinus headaches. With a strong Myrcene content, there is somewhat of a “couchlock” effect with this strain when used in higher doses, so it can be great for medicinal purposes or for those with sleeping difficulties. This strain vaporizes very well and, when vaporized, it really highlights the earthy aromas. Combined with the peppery, clove flavours, a bit of a dirt taste and smell is actually not such a bad thing. 

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 30/40
Bakerstreet buds are dense, bright green and filled with trichomes and amber pistils. The scent is overwhelmingly peppery, with a bit of a “piney” undertone. The peppery scent is mirrored in the taste, with some hints of burnt marshmallow and, honestly, dirt. In a blind smell-test, I rated Bakerstreet third out of 5 strains (Bedrocan, Bediol, Bakerstreet, Sun-Grown Boaty McBoatface, Sun Grown Orange No. 1).

Cost: 10/10
Dollar for Dollar, this is one of the best strains that Tweed Main Street offers.

What I like:
+ The value! For 6 dollars per gram, you really can’t go wrong here. I feel that Tweed has put consumers first in a way with this strain.
+ A good nights sleep. When used in higher volumes, this strain puts the “out” in lights-out.

What I don’t like:
– It sells out almost as soon as it’s available. Bigger yields, please!
– The buds can be small and a bit dry.
– Can be a bit irritating to the throat when smoked.