Review: Spectrum – Sun-Grown Orange No.1

  • Strain: Spectrum – Sun-Grown Orange No.1
  • Paid: $7.50 per gram
  • Type: Indica
  • Ratio: THC 13.3 % / CBD <0.07 %
  • Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Cannatrice Rating: 77% (76.5/100)

Effects + Experience: 40/50
Based on the appearance and price, I was actually surprised to find this strain to be very effective and pleasant. The effects peak after about 20 minutes, with a functional and happy, yet somewhat hard-hitting feeling. This strain would be ok to consume during the day, but best enjoyed in the early evening. I doubt this strain would have much of a sedative effect for most people, but it wouldn’t inhibit sleep by any means. I had a bit of a cold virus when I first tried this strain and found it to be effective for that, especially because it’s not harsh on the throat. Unfortunately I find that the effects only last for about 90 minutes for me, which is lower than average for most strains that I have tried.

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 28/40
Sun Grown Orange No. 1 buds are earthy green, airy and leafy. The trichomes and orange pistils are fairly sparse overall. It smells of bitter orange peel and anise seed. It is extremely smooth to smoke and vape – no coughing or chest heaviness at all. The orange zest fragrance is highlighted in the taste. While the smell is nice, I have to admit that it’s not my favourite. I did a blind smell-test with a few other strains (Bedrocan, Bediol, Bakerstreet, Sun-Grown Boaty McBoatface, Sun Grown Orange No. 1) and this strain was my lowest ranked of the 5.

Cost: 8.5/10
I purchased the sun-grown version, which is lower in price due to the leafiness, but I feel the product was good quality overall for $7.50/gram.

What I like:
It surprised me! I really feel that Spectrum (formerly Mettrum) has hit it home with this strain. It sat in my drawer for about a week before I tried it because I wasn’t expecting much, but it is a good strain for the price
+ You can tell this strain is an indica – there is a bit of a couch lock effect, but it is more relaxing than sedating. It can be functional, but with higher doses it could also be great for a relaxing rainy day (Netflix and naps?)

What I don’t like:
It’s not very good looking. A bit of an ugly duckling.
– The scent and taste are underwhelming. I was really hoping it would taste more like a juicy, fresh orange and less like orange-scented Pledge cleaner.
– The effects don’t last long for me, fading after about 90 minutes.