Review: Tweed – Sun-Grown Boaty McBoatface (CBD Medihaze)

Effects + Experience: 25/50
I wasn’t expecting much from this strain, and it didn’t deliver much. I guess I can say that I was just satisfied, but not pleased. Sun-Grown Boaty McBoatface is a very mild strain, with a THC content of only 2.3%. This strain would be good for people who need some pain relief during their day, but don’t want the “high”/euphoric feeling that most strains come with. It would also be a good compliment to some higher THC strains. It could be used it combination with a higher THC strain (Bedrocan?) to hit all of the bases. If you are a beginner to cannabis, this strain may be a GREAT place to start.

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 15/40
Sun-Grown Boaty McBoatface is underwhelming to the senses. The dark wintergreen buds are tiny, super dry and lacking trichomes. It smells of black, orange pekoe tea. There is almost no taste except for a slight hint of, again, black tea. It’s smooth when vaporized but surprisingly harsh to the throat when smoked. The only redeeming sensual quality of this strain is that I enjoy the comforting scent of tea. In a blind smell-test, I rated Sungrown Boaty fourth place out of 5 strains (Bedrocan, Bediol, Bakerstreet, Sun-Grown Boaty McBoatface, Sun Grown Orange No. 1).

Cost: 10/10
This metric honestly inflates the rating higher than I’d like it to go. However, at 6 dollars per gram, you can’t go wrong for a low-THC, mid-CBD strain.

What I like:
+ It’s cheap and the name is fun.
+ I can use it when I have some pain (menstrual cramps, muscle pain) and go on with my day.
It can be used in tandem with higher THC strains to achieve more well-rounded effects.

What I don’t like:
– It’s cheap, and it shows (the pictures do it better justice than IRL.)
– It doesn’t really do much for me on it’s own.