Review: Tweed – Birds Eye (Jack Herer)

  • Strain: Tweed – Birds Eye (Jack Herer) 
  • Paid: $9.00 per gram
  • Type: Sativa
  • Ratio: THC 18.6 % / CBD <0.07 %
  • Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene & Myrcene & Pinene
  • Cannatrice Rating: 89% (89/100)

Effects + Experience: 46/50
This is not your parents’ weed. Birds Eye is Tweed’s version of Jack Herer and it is very impressive, to say the least. This is a heavy-hitting sativa, with prominent cerebral effects. The effects come on fast and are intense. Beginners, stay away from this strain. As an intermediate to advanced user, I tend to favour stronger strains and Birds Eye has me shook. I feel energetic and uplifted, yet relaxed with this strain. I have to deduct some points for functionality – this strain makes me super duper high compared to it’s Bedrocan counterpart. While both strains are from the Jack Herer phenotype,  Birds Eye actually has a lower THC content than Bedrocan (18.6% for Birds Eye vs. 22% for Bedrocan). Overall, I am very impressed and would recommend this strain for those who are looking for a very intense high, but don’t want to be put to sleep. I’d be excited to see Birds Eye available in the future and would definitely order again and again.

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 36/40
Birds Eye buds are extremely dense and filled with crystal-like trichomes and bright orange pistils. The buds are very small and “popcorn” like. I know that many people prefer larger buds, so I deducted a few points for the sight/touch (although I don’t feel that this has much of a negative impact on the overall effects and allure of this strain). The buds aren’t dry, but they aren’t wet and sticky either. The taste and smell is where Birds Eye really shines. As soon as I peeled the seal from the container, I was hit with a sweet, lemon scent. Jack Herer’s sweet, lemony profile was really highlighted when used in my Volcano Vaporizer. It tasted like my Nonna’s lemon cake batter. I LOVE it.

In a blind smell test, I rated Birds Eye second out of four strains (Sour Tangie, Birds Eye, Sour Kush, and TWD Lot #2).

Cost: 7/10
It’s absolutely worth the $9/gram. The hard-hitting high felt more like what I would expect of a $12 strain.

What I like:
+ It tastes and smells like sweet, lemony cake batter. I would definitely consider Birds Eye to be one of the more pleasant smelling and tasting strains that I have tried.
+ It has strong, cerebral effects but doesn’t put me to sleep. I feel like I could smoke a bowl of Birds Eye and happily bang out an entire season of Stranger Things.
+  It has positive effect on my mood. Although it is quite strong, I feel happy and sociable after using Birds Eye.

What I don’t like:
– The availability. I have been registered with my LP since 2015, but this is the first time that I have come across this strain. It sold out in a few days and is not showing in production. I wish I purchased more.
– It’s less functional than other Jack Herer strains that I have tried (ie: Bedrocan).