Review: DNA Genetics – Lemon Skunk

  • Strain: DNA Genetics – Lemon Skunk 
  • Paid: $12.00 per gram
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Ratio: THC 18.2 % / CBD <0.07 %
  • Main Terpenes: Caryophyllnene
  • Cannatrice Rating: 75% (75/100)

Effects + Experience: 42/50
Expect the unexpected with DNA Genetics – Lemon Skunk. Given the fast, hard-hitting cerebral effects, you would think this strain is a sedating indica. Think again. Despite a bit of a “zoned-out” feeling, I find the effects of Lemon Skunk to be happy, uplifting and energizing. It is a well-rounded hybrid and would be great for daytime or nighttime use. Lemon Skunk has a strong caryophyllnene profile, which makes it a good medical strain due to the anti-inflammatory properties. It works wonders on nausea and has positive effects on mood and anxiety. I feel every bit of the 18% THC content, so beginners should take caution with this strain. I would purchase again in the future. However, DNA Genetics has many similar offerings in the same price-range, so I am more inclined to try something different from their line on my next order.

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 29/40
DNA Genetics – Lemon Skunk comes with fair-sized, bright green buds. The flowers are well trimmed and covered with pointy, cactus-like trichomes. Bunches of orange, hairy pistils are plentiful on each bud. The flowers are somewhat dense and on the dry side, but not too dry. Again, I am surprised with the taste and smell. You would think that there would be a peppery, spicy taste due to the dominant caryophyllnene presence. THINK AGAIN (again?) The lemon taste is real and I love it. There is also a bit of a cedar, woody undertone. The scent is predominantly lemon, but a sweet lemon – like lemonade. In a blind smell test, I rated Lemon Skunk the best out of 4 strains (Lemon Skunk, Souris Skies, Cavendish Dunes, Palm Tree CBD).

Cost: 4/10
12 dollars per gram is pretty steep. For a lower-cost and similar effect experience, consider Spectrum’s Sun-Grown Orange No. 1. If I were to spend $12/g on a strain, I’d expect it to have some unique qualities (see: DNA Genetics – Sour Tangie).

What I like:
+ The smell. I’m a sucker for the citrusy, lemony smell.
+ The uplifting, euphoric, relaxing feeling. It’s a great hybrid strain.
+ The medical benefits. Positive effects on mood, reduces nausea, anti-inflammatory.

What I don’t like:
– The price. I find it tough to justify $12/gram with tax and shipping on top. It’s good, but not that good.
– It’s a bit harsh on the throat, even with the vaporizer.

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