Review: Bedrocan – Bedrocan

  • Strain: Bedrocan – Bedrocan
  • Paid: $8.50 per gram
  • Type: Sativa
  • Ratio: THC 22.0 % / CBD <1.00 %
  • Main Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene
  • Cannatrice Rating: 93% (92.5/100)

Effects + Experience: 48/50
This is my absolute favourite strain of all the LP’s that I have tried. I would say it is my HG (Holy Grail) of cannabis. Bedrocan leaves me feeling happy, relaxed and sociable. I can be extremely productive with this strain, but find it best enjoyed to wind down from a long day or in social situations. When vaped, Bedrocan is super smooth and tastes like juicy fruit gum. So delicious! It is fairly smooth when smoked, with minimal coughing and no heaviness. If perfect were a thing, this would get a 50/50, but this isn’t fantasy land and I haven’t tried every strain ever, so I struggle to give it a perfect 5-0.

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 37/40
Bedrocan buds shine bright like a diamond. They are dense, super sticky and absolutely covered with snow-white trichomes. The one downside could be that the buds are a bit small – only a few larger size buds come in each order. This isn’t a terrible thing since there are little to no stems or leaves. Bedrocan packs a strong scent due to the amount of trichomes and stickiness. The buds smell fresh of thyme and pepper, with a nice citrusy twist. The taste is really nice – almost sweet and juicy with a kick of lemon-pepper. In a blind smell-taste, Bedrocan was a clear winner for me. I rated it to be the best smelling out of 5 strains (Bedrocan, Bediol, Bakerstreet, Sun-Grown Boaty McBoatface, Sun Grown Orange No. 1). I feel like the Tucan Sam of cannabis – follow my nose to that sweet, sweet Bedrocan.

Cost: 7.5/10
I have to stick to the rating scale and deduct 2.5 points, but I really think this strain is worth every penny of the $8.50/gram price.

What I like:
+ It’s almost always in stock through my LP and doesn’t break the bank.
+ The effects are strong, but not sedating. A little goes a long way!
+ Bedrocan makes me really happy – almost euphoric at times (especially with a good group of people). I also find it to be great for headaches.

What I don’t like:
– I go through it too fast because I find it is my go-to for most situations.
– If you are using this strain on the go and handling the fresh buds, be prepared for everyone to know you’ve just smoked some sticky-icky until you can get to the washroom and scrub your hands once or twice. These buds are seriously sticky and heavy on the scent.


Review: Bedrocan – Bediol

  • Strain: Bedrocan – Bediol
  • Paid: $8.50 per gram
  • Type: Sativa
  • Ratio: THC 7.0 % / CBD 9.0 %
  • Main Terpenes: Myrcene
  • Cannatrice Rating: 84% (83.5/100)

Effects + Experience: 42/50
So nice. I love this strain. It is the perfect, functional mix between CBD and THC. Given the functional, low-psychoactivity feeling of this strain, it is a great option for the day-to-day routine without feeling bogged down or tired. Bedrocan has hit it home with this “mid” strain. This is great for users who are looking for a mild experience, or medical users looking for some pain relief without that tired feeling. I think Bediol would be a great strain for beginners. It’s a good, well-rounded strain to always have available.

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 34/40
The sense profile of Bediol makes me so happy. The Christmas Tree-like buds are long, moist, dense and earthy green. The buds smell sweet and piney. The sweetness flows through to the taste (think SweeTarts candy) giving this strain such a youthful, fun feel. In a blind smell-test, I rated Bediol second place out of 5 strains (Bedrocan, Bediol, Bakerstreet, Sun-Grown Boaty McBoatface, Sun Grown Orange No. 1).

Cost: 7.5/10
At $8.50 per gram, the price for Bediol is pretty on-point. This is a great strain to always have on hand due to the functionality.

What I like:
The feels. This strain can make me feel happy, focused and/or sociable and deliver some pain relief at the same time, if needed. 
The smell and taste. When vaped, it really tastes like SweeTarts candy! 
The value. This is pretty impressive for a MID strain and at under $9/gram, you can’t go wrong.

What I don’t like:
The THC value could be higher, but I do appreciate a lower THC strain from time to time.

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