Review: Canada’s Island Garden – Souris Skies (Sensi Star)

Effects + Experience: 46/50
Souris Skies is really great for what it does. It’s relaxing almost to a fault. Nursery Rhyme levels. It has a euphoric “head high” feeling, but also provides a relaxed feeling throughout the body. The effects come on strong at first, and then continue to creep up until it fades into a sleepy, zen feeling.  Imagine being on a crowded, delayed plane and thinking “ugh, I really wish I brought my neck pillow.” Souris Skies is the relaxing comfort of a neck pillow on a long flight. It produces a very thick and smooth vapour. It would be fantastic for those dealing with stress and anxiety, or for those who need to wind down after a tough day on the job. With 19% THC, beginners may want to stay away, but honestly… just give it a try (at night). Will buy again.

Sight, Touch, Taste & Smell: 26/40
Souris Skies flowers are dense and tightly wrapped with trichome-covered leaves. An abundance of deep orange pistils are intertwined throughout each bud, giving it a pretty unique look. These buds are so dry that you can crumble them in between your fingers, but that could just be this batch. It smells like a hot yoga room. For those who have never been to hot yoga, it’s a musky scent with some strong flashes of citrus and sweetness (presumably from the scented products dripping from the participants skin and hair). Lovely. It tastes better than it smells. When vaped, the taste of lemons really stands out, which makes sense for a strain that has a predominant limonene terpine profile. In a blind smell test, I rated Souris Skies second place out of 4 strains (Lemon Skunk, Souris Skies, Cavendish Dunes, Palm Tree CBD). Overall, it’s pretty nice and I’m looking forward to trying more of the “Craftgrow” Collection.

Cost: 7/10
I would buy it again for this price. It’s $9/gram, which seems to be about average for medical cannabis through my current LP.

What I like:
+ It makes me feel comfortable and warm inside. Perfect for these colder winter nights.
+ I have a job that can be extremely busy and stressful, and this really helps me “return to the world” after a particularly stressful day at the office.
+ It looks unique and tastes like lemons. LOVE for the d-limonene.

What I don’t like:
– Why so dry? So, so dry. Some of it had already crumbled in the container at the bottom, probably from shipping. The crumbling may not be an issue if you order a larger quantity to fill the containers.
– It makes me feel a bit tired when the effects fade away (after about 2 hours), so I can only use it in the evening.

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